SCIENAR, un projet européen pour développer et stimuler les liens entre Science et Art

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SCIENAR, a European project to stimulate and develop links between science and art.

Explorez le site web de SCIENART :

SCIENAR has been constructed around three emblematic scenarios where Science and Art intersect. These scenarios are :
- The Birth of Mathematics in Antiquity : Arithmetic and Geometry
- The Development of Maths from the Renaissance to 1900 : Perspective and Symmetry
- The Mathematics of the 20th Century : Curvature, Motion, Relativity and Chaos

Each scenario has been assigned to a different historical age and these three ages each have a menu page on this SCIENAR DVD. The three ages are :

- Antiquity (cliquer sur le lien),
- Renaissance (cliquer sur le lien) and
- Modern Times (cliquer sur le lien) .

Les thèmes repris dans l’Index (cliquer sur le lien) sont
- The Analemma
- Art and Astronomy
- Art and Psychoanalysis
- Artchaeology
- The Borromean Rings
- Brâncuşi
- Ceramics
- Chaos and Art
- Every Picture Tells a Story
- Evolutionary Systems
- Floyd Alsbach
- Fractals from an L-shaped Domain
- Geometry and Art from Antiquity to Futurism
- Glass
- The Golden Number and Art
- Higher Dimensions
- Hypercube
- Hypercube Net
- Illuminated Cladistics
- Invisible Universes
- Kaleidoscopes
- Kisel
- Koch Snowflake
- Lindenmayer Systems
- Megalithic Art
- Möbius Strips
- Painting with Light
- John Pickering Art and Architecture
- Quantum Mechanics
- Random Walk
- Rosettes
- Sierpinski Gaskets
- Strange Universes
- Symbolic Sculpture
- Torus Knots
- Virtual Image Gallery
- Virtual Puppetry

This software was designed and constructed by Nicholas Mee and John Eastwood.

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