Les aliens au pays des mathématiques

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Merci à +Terence Tao et +Richard Green et Martin Kuppe d’avoir attiré mon attention sur cette vidéo passionnante, divertissante, à voir absolument

“The video, which you can see at http://goo.gl/3Rg8jd, is well worth twenty minutes of your time. It gives an overview of mathematics in a way that should be comprehensible to an intelligent general audience. The sense of humour in the videos reminded me of the writing of Douglas Adams. Something I found especially remarkable is that the video manages to explain the gist of what algebraic topology is in a few minutes, without getting technical. (Algebraic topology aims to understand topological structures by associating algebraic objects to them.)”

Source :
- Google + : post de Terence Tao https://plus.google.com/114134834346472219368/posts/hs79fnxkjis
- YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch ?v=XqpvBaiJRHo

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