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Advancing Research in Basic Science and Mathematics
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J’ai découvert grâce à un tweet de Steven Strogatz les articles de la

Simons Foundation

J’y ai découvert une interview de Pierre Deligne

Science Lives : Pierre Deligne

Voici la liste des autres interviews

- Michael Atiyah
- Egbert Brieskorn
- Friedrich Hirzebruch
- Robert D. MacPherson
- Yuri Manin
- John W. Milnor
- Paul Sally
- Isadore Singer
- Chen-Ning Yang

La rubrique Feature Articles est décrite comme : "News and information on developments in mathematics and the computational, physical and life sciences."

Elle comporte les articles suivants, tous d’un très grand intérêt :

- Getting Into Shapes : From Hyperbolic Geometry to Cube Complexes and Back by Erica Klarreich October 2, 2012

Thirty years after William Thurston articulated a grand mathematical vision, a proof by Ian Agol marks the end of an era in the study of three-dimensional shapes.

- Geometry of Spaghetti Code by George Hart August 16, 2012

A sculpture project built entirely with right angles combines math and art in subtle and surprising ways.

- Network Solutions by Erica Klarreich April 24, 2012

A new breed of ultrafast computer algorithms offers computer scientists a novel tool to probe the structure of large networks.

- Hitting a Nerve by Dana Mackenzie February 10, 2012

A new approach to magnetic resonance imaging allows doctors to trace the connections between different parts of the brain, creating the equivalent of a “wiring diagram.”

-  Approximately Hard : The Unique Games Conjecture by Erica Klarreich October 6, 2011

A new conjecture, while not as monumental as the P versus NP conjecture, has electrified the field of computational complexity.

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