Dimitri Leemans 2014 NZMS Research Award

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Félicitations au professeur Dimitri Leemans (Auckland University, NZ) qui a obtenu le prix de recherche 2014 NZMS Research Award :

« Congratulations to Dimitri Leemans who has been awarded the 2014 NZMS Research Award for "his striking contributions to algebraic combinatorics that combine techniques from algebra, graph theory, combinatorics and number theory for the exploration and classification of highly symmetric geometric structures". »

« NZMS Research Award

This annual award was instituted in 1990 to foster mathematical research in New Zealand and to recognise excellence in research carried out by New Zealand mathematicians. This award is based on mathematical research published in books or recognised journals in the last five calendar years : 2009-2013. »

Sources :
- https://www.math.auckland.ac.nz/en/about/news-and-events/news/news-2014/2014/12/2014-nzms-research-award-to-dimitri-leemans.html
- http://nzmathsoc.org.nz/ ?awards

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