Bhargava à propos de l’enseignement des maths

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Manjul Bhargava, médaillé Fields 2014, à propos de l’enseignement des maths.

«  Why do some people have to lie down with a cold wet towel on their forehead the moment they hear the word ’math’ ?

I think the reason lies in our education system.You are taught to solve artificial-sounding problems via a sequence of dull, memorized steps. But in research maths, problems come up for you in a natural way , either for reasons of artistry , or because there is an immediate application. The problem then has to be solved with creativity , with interaction with others, and with fun new ideas. It is like solving a jigsaw puzzle to make in the end a pretty picture. I wish mathematics was taught like that in school. That is how I try to teach it. »

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