Avant-première de "The Imitation Game" le 8 janvier 2015 à Bruxelles

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Dear Mathslover,

We invite you, your family and friends to an exclusive pre-screening of the movie "The Imitation Game".

This movie is based on the life of the famous mathematician Alan Turing and his important contribution to breaking the nazi cryptographical codes during World War II. In the countries where it has already been released, this movie is a big success and reviews are unanimously positive. More information can be found on http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2084970/

The BMS is organising this event on

- January 8th, 2015 at 19:30 in
- Espace Delvaux, rue Gratès, 3 in 1170 Brussels (Watermaal-Bosvoorde /
- Watermael-Boitsfort), http://www.lavenerie.be/

Students can enter for free. Others pay 5 euros (unemployed and elderly people : 3 euros).

Reservation is required and can be done online for the non-free tickets. Due to constraints in the online reservation system, free tickets cannot be provided that way. Please make your reservation by calling 02/6721439 or 02/6638550 during office hours. The ticketing office will have a list to check who is a BMS member.

The non-free tickets can be bought via the website of Espace Delvaux / La Vénerie :
- https://booking.utick.be/ ?POS=VENERIE&activityguid=F5B95314-7F5F-D1A4-81BF-B355EEB71FC8

You can check online for which year you last paid your BMS dues at http://bms.ulb.ac.be/cgi/querydb.php

You can pay your 2015 dues (20 euros) now by bank transfer on account number BE70 0011 7447 8525 of the BMS or by PayPal http://bms.ulb.ac.be/membership/paypal.php

Espace Delvaux is easily accessible by public transportation and you can find a map here :
- https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer ?mid=zfGCFuc3r0wo.kTbbUQYSOs4Y&hl=fr&gl=be&ie=utf8&msa=0&z=17

The event will be organised as follows :

- 19:30 : JC Delvenne (UCL) will provide a short introduction about the life and achievements of Turing

- 20:15 : movie projection

Please help us by spreading this announcement and displaying the poster we have made for this occasion :
- http://bms.ulb.ac.be/documents/imitationEN.pdf

We hope to welcome you at this event and wish you a happy new year,

The executive committee of the Belgian Mathematical Society

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