Doing Mathematics

DOING MATHEMATICS... is an approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics that shifts the focus from students learning about the subject to actually engaging in it. Most people think that mathematics is a body of knowledge and/or procedures that must be passed from teacher to student. For many students, this is both irrelevant and unexciting. My belief is that mathematics is a way of thinking and sense making. It is creative, beautiful, individual, and dynamic. It is being curious, asking questions, figuring out why things work, breaking problems apart, seeking regularity, making predictions, and creating logical arguments. These things we all engage in on a daily basis and have relevance in our lives outside of a mathematics classroom. My goal is to create an educational environment in which mathematical thinking is not only the core of what we do, but runs through ALL of what we do. Doing mathematics cannot be seen by students as a supplement to ’real’ math ; it is ’real’ math.
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