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Célia Sapart

  Célia J. Sapart is FRS-FNRS Researcher (Chargée de Recherches) at the Laboratoire de Glaciologie working on the emissions of greenhouse gases associated to ice-covered areas. She develops new extraction, chromatography, absorption spectroscopy and mass spectrometry methods to measure methane and carbon dioxide concentrations and stable isotopes in different types of environments. This unique set of data allows quantifying the contribution of the various types of sources of these gases to the atmospheric burden.

Célia has also investigated the role of human activity on the past methane budget in analyzing the gas trapped in polar ice sheets. In 2012, she has published the main results of this research in her PhD thesis entitled: “Variations in the methane budget over the last millennia” and in the Nature journal (

Next to her research, Célia is very dedicated to climate communication and outreach. She is outreach representative of the Climate division of the European Geoscience Union and Chief editor of the blog of this division.

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