Tilingsearch : Une base de donnée sur les pavages

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Tilingsearch database has three aims :

- Provide a comprehensive collection of high quality images of geometric tiling patterns ;
- Provide a means of locating images by means of their geometric properties ;
- Provide an authoritative source for such patterns.

 : http://www.tilingsearch.org/

 : John Baez sur Google+
- « Brian Wichmann has an amazingly rich database of tilings, full of high-quality images, all licensed under a Creative Commons attribution-noncommercial-sharealike copyright. »
- « They also come with lots of information. For example, this one began life as woodwork on the main outer door of the Sidi Yusuf Al-Maz Mosque, was then photographed in Prisse d’Avennes’ 1877 book Arabic Art in Color, and was distilled to a black-and-white pattern on Plate 110 of Bourgoin’s Arabic Geometrical Pattern and Design.


I like these classic patterns the best. There’s also geometrical information : the symmetry group of the tiling is called *632 or p6m. All the internal angles of the constituent polygons are multiples of 15°. It contains regular octagons, regular 6-pointed stars with vertex angles of 45°, regular 12-pointed stars with vertex angle of 75°, and three non-regular tiles with mirror symmetry and two tiles without. And finally, this tiling satisfies the interlace condition and has no finite interlace and two infinite interlaces. I have no idea what that means !  »

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