The Beautiful Impact of Mathematics in Society (BIMS)

Conference at the VUB-campus in Etterbeek on the 21st of September 2016
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Invitation The Vrije Universiteit Brussel invites you to the conference The Beautiful Impact of Mathematics in Society (BIMS) at the VUB-campus in Etterbeek on the 21st of September 2016. Mathematics is invaluable in science and technology, however it is seldom explicitly visible in our society. At this conference we put mathematics in the spotlight and work towards an integrated approach for mathematics in education, teacher training, research, society and innovation.

We have put together fascinating program featuring 6 inspiring speakers.

Day program (VUB-campus) :

 09:00 Welcome by our new rector Caroline Pauwels ;
 09:30 Wil Schilders (Director Platform Wiskunde Nederland), Deltaplan Wiskunde (NL) ;
 10:30 Raymonda Verdyck (Head of Gemeenschapsonderwijs GO !), Mathematics in education (NL) ;
 Etienne Ghys (Researcher renowned for his science communication), Mathematical research (EN) ;
 Jan Bogaerts (Head of European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer), Mathematics in Healthcare (EN) ;
 Ton Kalker (VP of DRM & Software Security at DTS), Mathematics in Industry & Innovation (EN) ;
 Simon Singh (Writer of the blockbusters "Fermat’s Last Theorem" en "The Code Book”), Stimulating mathematical talent (EN).

In the evening we share our pleasure in doing mathematics by delving together in some mathematical problems and enigmas while having drinks in the center of Brussels : a real Maths Jam !

Registration is free but required due to limited places.

CONFERENTIE “The Beautiful Impact of Mathematics in Society” 21 september

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