Maths in the City

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Source : Newsletter Summer 2011, Department of Continuing Education, University of Oxford


The role of maths in our everyday world is the focus of a project headed by Marcus du Sautoy, Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science. The ‘Maths in the City’ project launched in April with a competition in which entrants identified examples of maths in urban contexts and created web pages to share their findings.

Starting in 2012, Professor du Sautoy and a team of volunteer mathematicians from Oxford will develop walking tours of Oxford and London taking the public on mathematical adventures of the cities. The project is produced and managed by the Department’s Technology–Assisted Lifelong Learning (TALL) unit.

Cliquer sur la vignette ci-dessus pour voir la video d’introduction par le professeur Marcus du Sautoy.

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- Snapshots : où l’on peut ajouter une photo mathématique de sa ville.

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