Math Art Summit

May 24 and 25, 2012 Royal Flemish Academy, Brussels, Belgium
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Information transmise par Dirk Huylebrouck

Math Art Summit

Day by Day Program

 Thursday May 24, 9am-10am : Registration, Opening and Introductions.

 Thursday May 24, 10am-13am : "The international mathematical art movement."

Presentation and overview of the conference circuit ’Bridges’.

Speakers from the Bridges Board. This board consists of four members, two of which (depending on their agenda) will join the contact forum :
 Reza Sarhangi, USA (President) Department of Mathematics, Towson University, Maryland, USA
 George W. Hart, USA Department of Computer Science, Stony Brook University, New York, USA
 Carlo H. Séquin, USA EECS, Computer Science Division, University of California Berkeley, USA
 Craig Kaplan, CANADA David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo, Canada.

More about their Math Art Movement can be found here.

Thursday, 14pm-17pm : "The mathematical art movement in Europe".

 Kristóf Fenyvesi, FINLAND and HUNGARY, "Aesthetics and Education or Interdisciplinarity : the Mathematical Connections"

Kristóf Fenyvesi is a researcher at the Department of Art and Cultural Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. He is chief curator of the International conference Series Ars Geometrica, Hungary, and invited the World Conference Bridges in 2010. He led the Experience Workshop Math Art Movement and was the coordinator of the “Community Events Organization of the Bridges Organization”.

 Slavik Jablan, SERBIA, "Visual mathematics”.

Slavik Jablan is the editor of the electronic journal "Visual Mathematics". He was and is a member of many art conferences Math ("Bridges", ISAMA, ISIS-Symmetry, ...) and exhibitions (AMS, "Bridges’,...). Although he is a renowned specialist in the mathematical knot theory in the group of the famous Louis Kauffman, he finds time to design a course entitled "Visual Mathematics" at the Faculty of Information Technology FIT in Belgrade.

 Javier Barallo, SPAIN (BASQUE COUNTRY), “Geometry and Architecture”.

Since ancient times, there is a close relationship between geometry and architecture. Architectural structures often took geometric forms. Or, geometric shapes were perhaps inspired by architecture ? In any case, there is no doubt that in some modern architecture, geometry is a source of inspiration. This lecture will be a discussion about this relationship of "Love & Hate".

Friday, 9am-13am : "Math Art in neighboring countries".

 Claude Bruter,FRANCE : “The European Society for Mathematics and Art ‘ESMA’ and ‘Ses raisons d’être’ ”.

His first steps in the field of mathematics and art began in the 80s with the presentation of an architectural and artistic project for a public park with mathematical activities, which, maybe, will finally be realized in Russia. As part of this project, he designed and realized exhibits with educational and cultural purposes in the field of art and mathematics, and took part in their presentation, explanation and content improvement.

 Konrad Polthier, GERMANY : "Mathematical Models Paper”.

For more than twenty five years Polthier promotes the field of mathematical visualizations with its own mathematical contributions including artistic images, movies and recently mathematical models papers for mathematics education. It also organizes the next meeting of the ESMA, in Berlin.

 Tom Verhoeff, THE NETHERLANDS : "Mathematics and Art with Miter Joints and 3D Turtle Geometry".

Tom Verhoeff is a leading member of the Dutch movement "Ars and mathematics" (Chair : Hans Kuiper). He closely followed the career of his father, Koos Verhoeff. In the 1980s, the latter launched a remarkable career as a mathematician sculptor. Since 2008 Tom spreads the knowledge about the mathematical work of his father through the publication of scientific articles and numerous lectures.

 Rinus Roelofs,, THE NETHERLANDS : "Findings about Leonardo da Vinci".

Rinus Roelofs graduated in 1983 as a sculptor at the art academy AKI in Enschede, with Sigurdur Gudmundson as promoter, but his interests quickly shifted towards mathematics. His affinity with the work of Leonardo da Vinci is evident from his construction project on the dome of Leonardo da Vinci, as a result of his work by Nexus in Vinci (2003). In 2010 a large Leonardo dome sculpture was realized in Arte Sella, Italy. Since 2011, he is best known to the general public as the discoverer of a mathematical error of Leonardo. He was one of the main organizers of the Bridges conference on mathematical art in 2009 in Leeuwarden. In 2013 he organizes the meeting again, this time in Enschede.

The rest of the programme is coming, patience... I am working on it...

 Inlichtingen : Gudrun De Maeyer, diensthoofd van het ARC (ArchitectuurReflectieCentrum) en van de cel Wetenschapscommunicatie.
 Curator van de tentoonstelling : Patrick Labarque, architect.
 (pi-right) Dirk Huylebrouck, wiskundige, Departement Architectuur Sint-Lucas.

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