Livres de mathématiques gratuits

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Une liste impressionnante de e-books gratuits ?category=3

Charles Dawson dit :

« The books are primarily college-level texts, but many could serve graduate students or high school students. High school students in particular looking to extend their studies, prepare for specific college coursework, or engage in independent study for which their schools may not have a textbook could especially benefit from these texts. Many of the books would also serve as useful reference tools for high school mathematics and computer science teachers who want to ensure that their course content is adequately rigorous for college preparation.

The list is quite comprehensive in terms of subject matter and after downloading and sampling several, they appear to be of very high quality (if they lack in anything, it seems to be in the pretty pictures that dominate high school texts, again pointing to their university orientation) »

Quelques titres
- The Experimental Mathematician : The Pleasure of Discovery and the Role of Proof by Jonathan M. Borwein, 2004

The experimental mathematician

- On the Study and Difficulties of Mathematics by Augustus De Morgan, 1910

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De Morgan

- Projective Geometry by Nigel Hitchin 2003

Projective Geometry

- A History of Mathematics by Florian Cajori - The MacMillan Company , 1909

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- Trigonometric Delights by Eli Maor - Princeton University Press , 2002

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Trigonometric Delights

- Abstract Algebra
- Mathematical Analysis & Calculus
- Applied
- Category Theory
- Discrete Mathematics
- Elementary Algebra & Trigonometry
- Geometry & Topology
- History
- Linear Algebra
- Popular
- Probability & Statistics
- Pure Mathematics
- Study & Teaching

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