Les mathématiques de Martin Gardner

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Le College Mathematics Journal consacre le numéro de janvier 2012 aux mathématiques de Martin Gardner.

Martin Gardner 1914-2010

The Mathematics of Martin Gardner

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« This issue of The College Mathematics Journal is devoted to the mathematics of Martin Gardner (1914-2010), prolific writer on mathematics and science, best known for the immensely influential series of “Mathematical Games” columns that appeared in Scientific American from December of 1956 through 1981.

Appropriate to the memory Martin Gardner, the issue includes a numerical challenge, several puzzles and drawings, and a crossword. »

- Hexaflexagons
- The V-flex, Triangle Orientation, and Catalan Numbers in Hexaflexagons
- From Hexaflexagons to Edge Flexagons to Point Flexagons
- Cups and Downs
- Martin Gardner’s Mistake
- Mad Tea Party Cyclic Partitions
- Triangular Numbers, Gaussian Integers, and KenKen
- Carryless Arithmetic Mod 10
- Bracing Regular Polygons As We Race into the Future
- Squaring, Cubing, and Cube Rooting
- A Platonic Sextet for Strings
- The Play’s the Thing !
- Magic Knight’s Tours
- The Secretary Problem from the Applicant’s Point of View
- The Continuing Saga of Snarks
- Polyomino Dissections

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- The Mathematics of Martin Gardner

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