International Mathematical Summer School for Students

Opinion in Notices of the AMS March 2012 Volume 59 Issue 03
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Opinion : International Summer School for Students by Etienne Ghys and Sergei Tabachnikov

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 The main idea of the school is simple : to invite bright students of mathematics from across the world and to have them learn from—and actively interact with—leading international mathematicians. The instructors were selected by the following criteria : they should present contemporary research in their areas and should be able to communicate in a nottoo- technical way ; and they should share their excitement and be willing to spend time with the students during the breaks and after classes.

To quote from the interview with one of the lecturers, Don Zagier, describing his “random’’ path to research mathematics early on his career : …in college, even, nobody told me what the interesting things are that point to research. It was only in graduate school that I finally found out what modern mathematics is about.

(This interview, along with the videos of the lectures, is available at the website of the school

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