Friends of Mathematics Education - A European Initiative

Conference in Berlin March 4–15 2013
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Chantal Randour nous informe :

Professor Celia Hoyles (London, UK) (NCETM & EMS Committee on Education


Professor Günter Törner (Duisburg, DE) (Secretary of DMV & EMS Committee on Education )

has taken an initiative to a conference in Berlin March 4–15 Mars with objectives like :

- To gain friends for mathematics education in Europe who might individually or collectively be potential supporters of initiatives in the area
- To exchange information about different national projects and their impact and to set up personal networks across ’friends’
- To provide a conduit between national projects and the European scene to improve the visibility of the projects and potentially to widen their impact in the immediate and longer term future
- To stimulate institutions to become partners in joint initiatives
- To catalyze new cooperation across borders to support mathematics education
- and more to emerge in next weeks and months.

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