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Pierre-Guillaume MÉON
Pierre-Guillaume Méon is professor of economics at Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). He received his PhD in 1999 from the Robert Schuman University (Strasbourg, France) where he obtained his first full-time position as an assistant professor (maître de conférences).He specialises in political macroeconomics and economic integration. His main fields of interest now include the political economy of monetary integration, the impact of political institutions on growth and economic performance, and the economics of European integration. He has published several articles on those topics in international refereed journals such as Public Choice, World Development, the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Economic Inquiry, the Southern Economic Journal, the European Journal of Political Economy, the Journal of International Money and Finance, or Labour Economics. He is also a member of the editorial board of Public Choice, of the European Journal of Political Economy, and of the Brussels Economic Review/Cahiers Economiques de Bruxelles.

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