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European research project Menu for Justice, Academic Network on Judicial Studies, 24 and 25 of November 2011.

Dernière modification : 11/11/2011

Since October 2009, fifty universities have been working together under the financial support of the European Commission to develop a common policy discourse on legal education and judicial training. By devoting three years of joint working among fifty partners in Europe, this project aims to assess the key gaps in legal and judicial education in all European countries at all stages of education: from undergraduate to graduate and PhD programs in universities to vocational training of lawyers and judges. Menu for Justice, Academic Network on Judicial Studies is the first European project that takes seriously the issue of how the new generation of Europeans should be trained in law and legal matters and how experts in law and the judicial process can develop new skills and competences to effectively face the challenges of a common judicial space. During the two days meeting in Brussels, scholars from different disciplines and practitioners will debate and discuss about the gaps, barriers and innovations in legal education and judicial training.

External participants have been invited to share their views and expertise with the Network during the Roundtable Sessions: Prof. Peter Hack (Transparency International, Hungary), prof. Jon T. Johnsen (University of Oslo, member of the SATURN working group/CEPEJ), François Paychère (administrative judge, Switzerland, CEPEJ) and Edith Van den Broeck (Director of the Institute for Judicial Training, Belgium).

The plenary session will take place at the Fondation Universitaire (rue d’Egmont, 11, 1050, Bruxelles)

The participants will be welcomed by Didier Vivier, Rector of the ULB, Jean-Michel De Waele, Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences and member of the project Menu for Justice and Marianne Dony, Director of the Institute for European Studies.

For more information, please contact Ramona Coman (Ramona.Coman@ulb.ac.be), member of the project Menu for Justice and organizer of the plenary session.