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Etude de faisabilité de la création d'une meta-database de données belge sur le développement durable

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Description :

The problem of sustainable development concerns society as a whole and international politics. Having organised the management, planning and research in the frame of sustainable development, it is necessary not only that there is a large range of data available on the present state of the environment including socio-economic aspects, but that there still exists an efficient exchange and information structure. The latter particularly justifies itself because the data and the important indicators are conducted by diverse directions, numerous institutions and research centres. In addition, the accessibility to the databases is quite limited and disorganised.

The need for structured information on "sustainable development" is insistently reminded in Chapter 40 of the Agenda 21.

Like an approach oriented towards the management, realisation and research on "sustainable development" impose themselves and should be based upon a structured frame of relevant data and the expertise between the users. In this context, the creation of meta-database has, for a general goal, to reach better communication, co-ordination and coherence in Belgian data material and to valorise together the databases and the statistics available.

This initiative should be able to assure a better following of international and, in time, allow a higher quality of the gathering of Belgian systems of data and monitoring. The creation of such a meta-database must, however, be carefully prepared to reach at last an optimal concept and a good functionality. This implies to take into account the needs and necessities of participants and potential users. In this view, the aim to this study is to analyse profoundly, the present situation, its needs and necessities, to study varied scenarios and to propose a world-wide structure to be developed and applied.

Definition of tasks :

Before answering to the selected objectives, the study understands a series of tasks described hereafter :

1. Definition and delimitation of relevant data for a "sustainable development".

2. Evaluation of needs and possibilities of the application of meta-databases.

3. Analyse of constraint of a meta-database.

4. Insight and evaluation of analogue initiatives in Belgium and abroad.

5. Proposition of the progressive development of a meta-database.

6. Proposition for a management system of data.

7. Application for a study area : "convention on the modification of the climate".

Partenaires :

Organisme financeur :

Politique Scientifique Belge (Belspo)

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Chercheur :

Bruno Kestemont

Documents :

  • Manuel technique pour l'implémentation de la meta-base de données sur le développement durable - Technish Handboek voor de Creatie van de Metadatabank inzake Duurzame Ontwikkeling - Technical manual for the implementation of a metadatabase on sustainable development , B. Kestemont, D. Le Roy, P. Vanhaecke and W. Hecq , 1997, SSTC, CEESE-ULB/ECOLAS, 53 pp.
    Français (Version PDF), Nederlands (Version PDF), English (Version PDF), English (html - 48 Kb)

  • Etude de faisabilité pour la création d'une meta-base de données sur le développement durable, B. Kestemont, D. Le Roy, P. Vanhaecke and W. Hecq , 1997, SSTC, CEESE-ULB/ECOLAS, 161 pp.
    PDF Version

  • Haalbaarheidsstudie voor de creatie van een Metadatabank inzake Duurzame Ontwikkeling, B. Kestemont, D. Le Roy, P. Vanhaecke and W. Hecq , 1997, SSTC, CEESE-ULB/ECOLAS, 161 pp.
    PDF Version

  • Information technology tools for sustainable development, B. Kestemont and W. Hecq , 1996, presented at IATAFI'96 (Intenational Association of Technology Assessment and Forecasting Institutions), 8-10 October 1996, Brussels Congress Centre, 12 pp.
    html version (20 Kb, text only), PDF Version

  • A Multilingual Virtual Encyclopedia On Sustainable Development, B. Kestemont, D. Le Roy, P. Vanhaecke and W. Hecq , 1996, proceedings of Eco-Informa '96, Global Networks for Environmental Information, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA, 4-7 November 1996, pp701-706.
    html version (9 Kb + 18 Kb images), PDF Version

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Walter Hecq

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